Hotel  Bila Ruze
Address:  Prazska 16 ,  PODEBRADY  29001
Tel: +420 325 616 350       Fax: +420 325 616 360

     By train        

    The town Podebrady is situated on the backbone railroad Praha - Nymburk - Kolin, which has been opened in 1870 already as a part of Austrian northwest railway. Trains go quite often. On working days practically every 10 to 20 minutes. For train lovers - about 5 km south of Podebrady there is a testing railroad of Railway research center. There are tested the newest road trains and wagons.

 A suitable train connection You may find here :   

  The railway station Podebrady    

    Present railway station at Podebrady has been built in functionalist style. The master builder was architect Vojtech Krcha. The station was inaugurated at Jule 29, 1931. The shape of this building is inspired by a steam locomotive.

  The way from station to our hotel            

    When clicking to the picture above You will see the way from the railway station to our hotel. By  foot is that less then 1km, so it takes about 15 minutes of a pleasant walk through the spa colonnade and the Square of  George. There are also TAXI stands by the station.

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