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The town Podebrady and the environs...where to go

 The town Podebrady              

    The spa town Podebrady is situated in the productive Elbe valley not more then 50km eastwards from the capital city Prague. With its elevation 190 meters above sea level it belongs to the warmest places with stable weather in the Czech Republic. The town has all of 14 000 residents and the same number of visitors and bathers. The Czech King Premysl Otakar II. has built a castle at the place of the historic settlement (later was rebuilt to the chateau). The meaning of the castle grew up so the settlement was commissioned as a royal town in 1472. In the year 1420 here was born the notable Czech King George from Podebrady. Also former Czech president Vaclav Havel and well known film director Milos Forman grew there up.

Detailed information about the town and cultural activities You can find here: 

 Sport a recreation                     

    At Podebrady and its surroundings there are many chances of sports and recreational activities.  The lowland along the Elbe river is very efficient for an undemanding biking or in-line skating. In the vicinity of Podebrady there are enough sand lakes that are suitable for swimming and bathing. Surely every one will find his enjoyment here ...


Golf Club Podebrady - 18 holes playground+Indoor+Simulator           

Golf school Albatros  - Drive Range+School                                        


Jockey club Podebrady                                                                        

Jockey club and swordsmen "Vlci stopa" - Kostelni Lhota                   


Sport Centrum Linhart - Podebrady                                                      

Tennis club Podebrady                                                                         

Skittles Podebrady                                                                                

Beach-volley club "Sharks" - Pnov Predhradi                                       


Water world Kolin ( aqua Centrum, pool, sport places )                        

Sand lakes round Podebrady                                                                

  A body care                 

    Podebrady is mainly the spa town so You can order some of spa procedures and treatments at local baths (also as a short time visitors). At the colonnade there is also the centre of thai massages.

  Spa Podebrady - procedures                                                                 

  Thai massages - SANUK                                                                         

Tips for trips              

    The town Podebrady and its environs offer a lot of opportunities for trips. In town Podebrady there You can visit the local museum, the blackly known pitmen chapel or You can just walk along the colonnade. On the cycle-way along the Elbe river You can walk or ride via the rivers junction to the historical Slavnik´s family settlement (here was St. Adalbert born). Along this way there are enough snacks and restaurants. Also a small choo-choo train and the pleasure boat Kral Jiri go from Podebrady to the junction of rivers Elbe and Cidlina. Not far from Podebrady You can visit the mini ZOO Chleby where You can feed some animals, the castle Loucen (Thurn-Taxis family) with its labyrinths or historical village Botanicus at Ostra near Lysa nad Labem. There You and Your kids may try handicrafts and so on. For flying lovers - they can visit the airfield for ultralight planes at Nymburk. There You can try pilot an aeroplane at the local flying school or just take a sightseeing flight.

  The castle Loucen                                                                                  

  ZOO Chleby                                                                                            

  Historical village Botanicus - Ostra                                                         

  The pleasure boat Kral Jiri                                                                     

  The airfield Nymburk - ultralight planes, flying school, flights