Hotel  Bila Ruze
Address:  Prazska 16 ,  PODEBRADY  29001
Tel: +420 325 616 350       Fax: +420 325 616 360

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 2016-02-25 18:20

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Welcome to the family-owned hotel "The White Rose" ...

   Since 1997 we endeavour to provide our guests professional services by a kind way. We will be delighted at Your stay or at Your temporarily visit here, in spa town Podebrady.

    The hotel rooms capacity offers accomodation for 26 guests. The restaurant consist of a little lunchroom, a main lunchroom and the beer hall Formanka, in summer period there we have a garden in front of the hotel. We also offer these lunchrooms for closed companies, family celebrations, culinary and dancing events - with live music.

     We focuse on quality of dished meels as well as on quality of served beer. We serve the well known Pilsner Urquell directly from tanks. Consequently we have been placed twice among 10 best restaurants by ranking of  .